Photostovis - Manual

Starting Photostovis

Plug in the network cable, plug in the power cord. Photostovis box will start booting. Please wait a minute or two, until the greed led is on, and then go to:

with your computer, tablet (or phone) CONNECTED TO THE SAME NETWORK.

This address should redirect you to your Photostovis server. You should see a sample album.


If complains that there is no Photostovis server in your network, please refresh the web page after several seconds. If more than 5 minutes have passed since you have powered on your Photostovis box but the still complains that it cannot find your server, then several things may have happened:

  1. The device from where you are connecting to is NOT on the same network as the photostovis box. This happens most often when you connect with a phone or tablet over cellular, while your Photostovis box is connected using your local network. The quick solution is to force your device to connect over your WLAN network, or use another device connected to your WLAN or local (wired network).
  2. Photostovis Box cannot connect to Internet. Please check cables and your router or modem to find out your Photostovis box IP address.
  3. You are not operating in a local network. Photostovis box and your device each are directly connected to Internet and they are NOT behind a NAT. If this is the case, please contact us at

Transfering photos to your Photostovis

You can use the "Upload..." command found in the Photostovis menu (top-right corner). This will bring on the Upload toolbar that allows you to create new Albums and to upload content in the current album. Just drag and drop photos in the marked area. If you use Chrome you can drag and drop entire folders. This will result in new albums being created, as sub-albums of the current album.

If you have purchased a Photostovis box, there are two additional methods that you can use for transferring media:

  1. Using Microsoft Network (only with a purchased Photostovis box). The Photostovis box shares its pictures folder as "photostovis". So you can find the pictures folder at this address:
    There you will find a folder called "Sample album". This is the album that you saw when you first connected to your photostovis server. You can delete it, if you want.
  2. You can transfer pictures by scp or sftp (only with a purchased Photostovis box). These are secure versions of the ftp protocol. One application that can be used to transfer pictures (files) using this protocol is Filezilla, available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once started, the connection settings are like this:

IP192.168.*.* This is the same address that redirects to.
PasswordPhtstvs17424 Photostovis without vowels followed by the Photostovis IP port
Port22 The port for scp protocol

Once connected, in the remote view please go to the folder:


You can transfer pictures (files and folders) there.